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Physical pain and emotional pain run on the same neural networks so they can really amp each other up and people can get trapped in their vicious circle.  I help clients to learn how to manage their pain better decreasing their overall day-to-day pain.  As well, we work on underlying emotional or life issues that can be a major contributor to and increase physical pain using mind-body attunement therapy and EMDR.

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Chronic Pain Self-Management Resources


These are meant to provide education and give ideas of different resources. When considering a new exercise regime include your doctor in your decision.  There are many good sites and programs online but not all are appropriate for all people in pain.  Together with your doctor you can make decisions and choose a program that will complement the other pain management tools you use.

Okanagan Interventional Pain Clinic  

Overcome Pain: Live Well Again – videos by Neil Pearson

People in Pain Network

Pain BC

Resources by App

There are thousands of Apps.  Topics include self-help therapy (DBT, CBT) and trackers that track things like diet, exercise, pain, medication, and mood.  Download Apps and fiddle with them while waiting for appointments or taking a break at home.  You will find ones that work for you to help set goals, give you tools that help your pain and record symptoms, triggers and medication.  Remember to use these tools in tandem to medical advice; keep communicating with your support team.  These are some of the Apps I­ have explored.

Pain Coach

Pain Coach   

The Pain Coach tracks medication, pain management tools you use, other treatments, triggers, and symptoms.  It also give lots of educational information on pain, treatments, and triggers.  There is usually one a day and it is short and manageable.  You can also set goals in the areas of food, rest, exercise, mood and treatments.


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This is an App with short relaxation exercises.  Easy to do at home or waiting for appointments. Some extras you have to buy but lots on the free version.

Online Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness of Physical Pain: 4:47 Balloon

Mindfulness of Breath 3:35

Breathing In Meditation 4:42

Leaves on a Stream 5:31